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What Does Live Mean On Find My iPhone?

If you are here reading this blog to figure out what does live mean on find my iphone then fortunately, you are reading the right blog as here you will get to know all about it. 

So, without any further delay and other explanations let us move ahead to read the blog. 

Live – What Does it Means on find My?

The live feature reveals the location of other iPhone users in reality or real-time, they have permitted you as users to monitor them, which means that you do not need to rely on servers of Apple to refresh and provide the locations. 

Whenever you can see the live function, you can check out your friends and family and can find my friends live. Live in an iOS device has revolutionized how other people show up on your feed. 

Earlier, the location of other people needed to be refreshed periodically, as a result of which it was harder to detect people in real-time. The ‘live’ feature helps you in overcoming this obstacle which also allows you to connect with other users easily. 

Moreover, the ‘live’ feature plays a very crucial role in security, and if your children or friends usually wander around, it can be a real lifesaver. 

It gives you an insight into the movement of your friends and family, about their directions, their speed, which reveals where they might are going. 

How You can Turn on Live Location on Find My?

Now, that you know what does live mean on my friends let us get to know how you can enable it using some pretty simple steps. 

  1. The first step for this is to select the settings option from the screen after which you need to tap on privacy options. 
  2. Now, move to the location services option and then click on the button which is next to the location services box as soon as you will click it will turn grey. 
  3. Now, your location will be active, after which you are supposed to look for find my with your Id and activate it, to activate it you have to go to settings again and then click on your name. 
  4. Move further to select the option of ‘find my’, after which navigate ‘find my iPhone tab on the screen. 
  5. Click on the switch so that it turns green and then grants access to GPS, which you can do from settings, and then select privacy followed by the locations services section and then turn it on.
  6. Under find my, you have to press the button near the prompt to share my location and ensure that the platform is using your device’s location.
  7. Restart the application and click on the + icon, and move to the location sharing tab, where fill in name of a person with whom you’ll share the location and click on send. 

If you are wondering how accurate is find my friends then let us tell you that its results are apt and will help you in every way you want.

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