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The Callisto Protocol: why is the long-awaited game not coming to Xbox Game Pass?



Bad news for Microsoft gamers. The Callisto Protocol was close to being part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog; however, the video game developers were not very convinced, so they decided to decline the proposal.

Mark James, director of technology at Striking Distance Studios, said in an interview with True Achievements that they did not see the possibility of launching the game on said service since it is ” designed for multiplayer and open-world style games “. “ I think games like that do survive well on that serve,” James said.

In addition, financially, it would not be viable for The Callisto Protocol to arrive as a day one game on the Microsoft platform; as this could harm sales in the short term, as well as generate damage to the profits of Striking Distance Studios.

The video game was directed by Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space, so space horror is expected to be similar. The Callisto Protocol will be released on December 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Series, and PC.

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How Many Runes to Reach Max Level Elden Ring



In Elden Ring, the player’s character does not have a traditional leveling
system. Instead, the player’s abilities and stats are increased by finding
and equipping new weapons and armor, as well as by using special items
called “runes.” There are a total of 21 runes in the game, and players can
equip up to three runes at a time to boost their character’s abilities.
However, it’s important to note that there is no “max level” in Elden Ring. The
game’s difficulty is not tied to the player’s level or stats, and players can
continue to progress and explore the game’s world regardless of their
character’s stats or equipment. Instead, the player’s progression in the
game is determined by their skill and mastery of the game’s mechanics, as
well as their ability to overcome the challenges and enemies they
encounter in the game.
How long would it take to get to max level in Elden Ring?
As I mentioned in my previous response, there is no “max level” in Elden
Ring. The game does not have a traditional leveling system, and the
player’s character does not have a specific level or stat progression.
Instead, the player’s abilities and stats are increased by finding and
equipping new weapons and armor, as well as by using special items called
“runes of “how many runes to reach max level elden ring”
Therefore, it is not possible to determine how long it would take a player to
reach a specific level or stat progression in Elden Ring, as there is no
specific goal or endpoint to work towards in terms of character
progression. The focus of the game is on exploration and overcoming
challenges, rather than on traditional character leveling.
How do you get 12 million runes Elden Ring?In Elden Ring, runes are special items that can be equipped to the player’s
character to boost their abilities and stats. There are a total of 21 runes in
the game, and players can equip up to three runes at a time.
It is not possible to obtain 12 million runes in the game, as the maximum
number of runes that a player can obtain is limited to 21. Additionally,
runes are not an unlimited resource and must be found or purchased in
the game world. There is no way to obtain an unlimited number of runes in
Elden Ring.
Instead of focusing on collecting a large number of runes, players should
focus on finding the runes that are most beneficial for their playstyle and
equipping them to their character. Players can also try experimenting with
different combinations of runes to find the ones that work best for them.
Elden Ring 40000 Rune farm
It is not possible to farm or obtain 40000 runes in Elden Ring, as the
maximum number of runes that a player can obtain is limited to 21.
Additionally, runes are not an unlimited resource and must be found or
purchased in the game world. There is no way to obtain an unlimited
number of runes in Elden Ring.
Instead of focusing on collecting a large number of runes, players should
focus on finding the runes that are most beneficial for their playstyle and
equipping them to their character. Players can also try experimenting with
different combinations of runes to find the ones that work best for them.
It’s important to remember that the player’s character’s abilities and stats
are not the only factor in their success in the game. The player’s skill and
mastery of the game’s mechanics, as well as their ability to overcome the
challenges and enemies they encounter in the game, are also important
factors in their progression and success.
Are there Elden Ring cheats?
There are no official cheats for Elden Ring. Cheating refers to using
unauthorized methods or tools to modify the game or gain an unfair
advantage over other players. Cheating can take many forms, such as
using third-party software or hacks to alter the game’s code or behavior, or
exploiting bugs or glitches in the game to gain an advantage.Using cheats can be tempting, but it is important to remember that
cheating is generally considered unfair and can ruin the game experience
for other players. Additionally, using cheats can often result in negative
consequences, such as being banned from online play or having one’s
progress reset. It is generally better to play the game fairly and enjoy the
challenges and rewards that the game has to offer.

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Top 5 Live Football Streaming Sites



If you love football then you’re probably aware that there are a number of ways to watch live football streaming on the Internet. Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or a match at your local stadium, you can find a way to watch the game from the comfort of your own home.


Streaming sports is a dime a dozen and the LAOLA1 website is one of the most popular for a reason. If you are a die hard fan of football and want to watch your favorite team live or on demand, this is the place to be. The site hosts live streams from many sports channels and also gives you the chance to catch up with friends and family on the go. Plus, the site has a pretty good selection of games and leagues to choose from.

The site is free to use. It is powered by an IPVanish server located in Germany. While the website itself is not particularly fancy, the content is, and it will keep you occupied for hours. Fortunately, the site is compatible with most of the major mobile and desktop devices on the market.


StreamHunter is one of the most popular sports streaming websites available today. It’s free to use, and offers users a wide range of sports content. With an easy-to-use user interface, it allows you to find and watch your favorite matches from anywhere you have an internet connection.

StreamHunter is also designed to support all types of devices, including computers, tablets, and phones. The website is user-friendly, and includes a notification function to alert you when new matches are available. In addition, StreamHunter is also easy to navigate, with fewer ads than many other sites.


CricHD is one of the most popular free Live Football Streaming sites. It provides users with a range of sports events from a variety of TV broadcasters. Some of these include cricket, football, rugby, basketball, hockey and boxing. However, it’s important to note that many of the streams on CricHD are ad-supported, which means you may encounter pop-up ads when you stream.

While it’s true that there are hundreds of other live sports streaming services, CricHD is still a standout. The platform is easy to use, offers a comprehensive guide to watch a variety of sporting events, and can be accessed on most devices.


Hulu Live football streaming is a great way to enjoy your favorite sports. You can watch on your computer, smartphone, or TV. With a subscription, you can stream the NFL schedule and more. If you aren’t ready to invest in a subscription, you can try it out for a month for free.

The Hulu app is easy to use and has a lot of useful features. It is also easy to customize your account. When you sign up for Hulu, you will be asked to enter your name and billing information. Once you do, you can access your personalized content.

First Row Sports

First Row Sports is a site that gives you free access to hundreds of live sports streams. It has a user friendly interface, which makes watching sporting events simple.

First Row Sports also gives you a choice of game broadcaster. This means you can watch NBA, NFL and other games from around the world. If you are not interested in live football, you can still watch basketball, rugby, cricket and many other sports. You can also search for upcoming sports events.

The site has been updated to include new games and events. Moreover, the website also features a calendar, which allows you to find out which sports are going to be played next. In addition, you can also download videos for offline viewing.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is an amazing Kodi addon that offers sports fans the chance to enjoy live sports. It offers an enormous amount of streams and categories for those interested in the sports world.

A good feature of this Kodi addon is that it is easy to use. It also has an impressive content library that keeps on getting updated. This allows users to watch any kind of sport at any time.

The list of channels on this addon includes NBA TV, ESPN, Fox Sports, and countless more. You can even get access to live sports from other countries.


FuboTV is a streaming service that offers live and on-demand sports coverage. It is available in the US and Canada and has a free trial. The service is available on the Internet, iOS, Android, Roku and Chromecast.

FuboTV offers live coverage of major sports events. These include College Football Playoff games and the NFL. Users can watch a variety of sports on FuboTV, including basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, hockey, and much more. You can also watch lower-profile matches, such as MMA and boxing.

In addition to the sports channels that are included in all plans, you can also add on ESPN3 for $5.99 per month. Additionally, you can get a subscription to Showtime for $11 a month.

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How to write a good sports article?





 write a good sports article

The sports press is one of the most popular and not only for referring to the world of sports. Also because when writing a  sports article, professionals always put the utmost care and affection. Therefore, if you are passionate about this field, do not miss our master’s degree in sports journalism. You will acquire all the necessary knowledge to access this exciting sector.

And now, keep reading. Here are some practical tips so you know how to write quality content.

Make engaging content

When writing, the first thing you should be clear about is the profile of your readers. A soccer game is always going to be a soccer game. But you’ll need to approach writing differently depending on whether your readers are young or middle-aged. You will also need to take other factors into account. On which platform are you going to publish this text? In other words, the public that will read you if you enter from Twitter is not the same as the one that will read you if it finds you in a magazine.

Knowing your audience well will help you know the language you should use and the expressions you can or cannot use. It will also serve as a starting point to create content that has a hook. And that they are well received by your readers.

Don’t forget the basic structure

In every journalistic article, we find a basic structure: title, introduction, core or development of the news, and conclusion. You must respect this same formula when writing a sports article. Losing this skeleton would be tragic. Especially since your readers would not understand the message clearly. The goal is for your audience to understand exactly what you mean.

Use an attractive title

The title is the first thing readers will see. Most of them will decide whether or not to read the text paying attention only to this factor.

A good title should be striking and original, but also concise. In the written press you can allow yourself to be somewhat more poetic, but if you write for the Internet you have to be even more concrete. In addition, you must choose the words well to improve SEO. A combination of all these factors is what will turn your text into a successful newspaper article.

Balance the information in the text

Remember that the mission of an article is always to inform. That is why it is necessary to provide data that resolve all the doubts of the reader regarding the subject.

Organizing the content of your sports text will be easier if you use the classic technique of the Inverted Pyramid. This has been used in journalism for decades. Start with the most important information and then focus on the details.

For example, if your article is about a match between Nadal and Djokovic, you should start by talking about the final result. Announce, first of all, the winner. Then go shelling out details such as the development and result of the different sets or the incidents that have occurred.

The good thing about sports information is that there is always a lot of interesting information for the reader. That is why there is never a lack of information about the venue of the event, schedules, and characteristics of the meeting if it has not yet taken place or a review of the athlete’s career.  

When writing an article, never take anything for granted. If we go back to the previous example of the tennis match, you may think that your reader already knows everything about Nadal, but that may not be the case. You decide to what point you develop the complementary information, although it is convenient not to abuse it.

The importance of the conclusion

Every sporting article should have a conclusion. In it, you will briefly summarize the content of your text and lead the reader to a resolution.

The conclusion, like the rest of your text, must be objective. However, if you work in a medium with very marked editorial lines, you can be somewhat more subjective. In other words, in a sports newspaper, you should never opt for a team, but if you collaborate on the website of a football team it is clear that your articles will always have a subjective bias in support of that team.

Also, if you are writing an online sports publication, it is very possible that in your conclusion you should include a call to action that encourages the reader to share the content or comment.

write about what you know

Writing impeccably and knowing how to perfectly organize the information will be of no use to you if you have to talk about a subject about which you know little. That eventually ends up noticed.

As much as you are passionate about sports, you will always find fields that you do not master. But this should not be an obstacle, quite the contrary. To be a good journalist and write like a professional you must select your sources well.

Beyond watching and analyzing the sporting event you are going to talk about, you should also get information from other sources. They can be other sports media, professionals from the world of sports, or even sports regulations.

Think that the better you handle a topic, the more quality your articles will have. That will end up noticing in your way of writing and, in the long run, it will manage to retain your readers.

Never present a sports article without having reread it first

We all make mistakes. Sometimes they are small errors and other times they are big errors that can be seen from afar. Nothing happens, the important thing is that these errors do not reach the final reader.

Whether or not you have a professional editor or proofreader working with you, you should read all your copy yourself. No matter how rushed you are to meet the deadline, never submit your texts without having read them carefully.

Detailed reading will help you detect spelling, grammatical and structural errors. Sometimes small errors can cause serious problems, but the good thing is that this can be avoided by spending 5 or 10 minutes reading slowly.

To be a good writer you must be a good reader.

The trial and error method also works when it comes to writing. Get in front of the keyboard or take a pen and paper and develop your ideas, the more you do it, the better the results will be. But remember that to write well you must also be a good reader. We know it sounds like a myth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Reading will give you vocabulary, it will give you ideas about topics to develop, will improve your grammar and your spelling and will make you see what a reader is looking for in a text. Also, if you want to specialize in writing information, you must read the style of other professional journalists. From them, you will not only get ideas, themes, and other points. But also, you will be able to soak up its structures, its style tricks, and, if you are attentive, one of its sources.

The truth is that writing an article about sports is not an excessively complicated task. You have already seen that there is no secret to getting a good sporting article. It is simply about doing things calmly and professionally, dedicating all the necessary time. 

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Alba throws a cable to Bellerin




Jordi Alba’s no to Inter Milan’s offer has had more than one collateral effect. The first, and thickest, is the ‘overbooking’ that Xavi Hernández will have in the left lane since apart from the captain, there will also be Alejandro Bald, who has pleasantly surprised the coaches and who will continue in the dynamic of the first team all season, and Marcos Alonso, the signing longed for from the beginning by the technicians to promote a competition on the left side. Three players for a position, where in principle Alba starts with a certain disadvantage, as has been confirmed at the beginning of the season, where after starting on the first day against Rayo, he has ‘sucked’ the bench in the next two.

The other effect of the ‘no’ of the Spanish international curiously affects the other side, the right. And it is that Alba’s departure would have released almost 9 million gross since Inter promised to pay 60% of his file, for which enough salary margin was released to face the option of the Belgian side of Borussia de Dortmund, Thomas Meunier, the one chosen by Xavi to reinforce the right lane, after the frustrated signings of César Azpilicueta and Juan Foyth.

However, Meunier’s option fell this morning after it was confirmed that Alba would stay in Barcelona. In fact, ‘Mundo Deportivo’ explained that the Blaugrana club called Héctor Bellerín today to inform him that he was the one chosen to reinforce the right wing since his arrival did not compromise ‘fair play by landing with the letter of freedom under the arm and accepting to charge much less than at Arsenal.

It must be taken into account that the signing of Meunier implied a transfer of close to 12 million euros, an amount that had to be amortized for the years he was going to play, and that already accounted for a part in the first season within the ‘fair play ‘, to which you had to add your file. Figures that could only be addressed if a high record left the club.

Thus, with the departures of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Sergiño Dest, and Martin Braithwaite, Barcelona was able to finish certifying the operations of Marcos Alonso and Héctor Bellerin, thus closing the squad.

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Audi enters Formula 1 from 2026




This time, Audi has gone faster than Porsche, the sportiest brand of the Volkswagen group, which has been working for months on the plan that will take it back to Formula 1 once the agreement with Red Bull for the purchase of half is closed. of the red buffalo team. Meanwhile, it was the manufacturer of the rings who, this Friday, hours before the first free trials of the Belgian Grand Prix, the first round of the calendar after the summer, confirmed its entry into the contest from 2026, when the new regulation will arrive relating to engines, finalized only a few days ago.

Although no details have yet been given about how Audi will operate in the championship, the German manufacturer is about to sign Sauber, which currently runs the Alfa Romeo team, to take charge of rolling out the Project. The most logical approach leads one to think that Audi will develop the engines for its single-seaters at its plant in Neuburg (Germany). In contrast, the chassis area would be set in Hinwil (Switzerland), where Sauber has its headquarters. Audi’s landing in F1 comes after the company focused on endurance competitions and, later, on Formula E. Sauber and Alfa Romeo maintain an agreement that is reviewed annually and that, in all probability, will come to an end in 2025 at the latest,

“I am excited to be able to welcome Audi to Formula 1. It is an iconic, pioneering and technologically innovative car brand,” said Stefano Domenicali, F1’s top executive, on Friday morning. “This is a transcendental moment for our sport, which highlights the strength we have as a global platform,” added the CEO of the ‘Great Circus,’ who, after the entry of Liberty Media as the owner of its exploitation rights, has led the shed to tremendous popularity ratings. “This [Audi’s entry] is also the most evident proof of the success of the step towards sustainability of hybrid engines that will be introduced in 2026, as a solution for the future of the automotive sector,” the Italian stressed.

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Manchester United market flirtations reach João Félix




“We didn’t even listen”, they say at Atlético to stage the resounding rejection of the 130 million euros that Manchester United would have offered for João Félix. The offer of the English entity and the refusal of the rojiblanca leadership, advanced by the As newspaper and confirmed by this newspaper by Atlético sources, occur in one of the best moments for the Portuguese attacker since he arrived in the summer of 2019 from the Benfica and in exchange for 126 million euros. However, the English club slipped to the local press that they had not even asked about the player.

It would not be the first time that the rojiblanco club has rejected offers for João Félix or that it has stopped the attempts of the player and his agent, Jorge Mendes, to seek a way out at a time when it seemed that understanding with the coach was unfeasible. Barcelona, ​​during the summer and winter markets last year, and Bayern Munich have shown interest in the boy. In some of these attempts, Simeone himself has been the one who has also been involved in preventing the Portuguese footballer from leaving, even when he had not yet filled his eye as much as now.

The maximum shareholder, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, has always refused a transfer. In the moments of greatest distance between player and coach, he did not hesitate to remind him that he had to take care of the one with the largest investment in the club’s history. The Entente Cordiale was brewing with the change in the player’s attitude regarding behaviors that conveyed a vedettismointolerable for the group in the eyes of Simeone and the rectification of his position. Last season, after the painful defeat against Levante at home that jeopardized qualification for the Champions League, there was a meeting between Gil Marín, Cholo, and the sports director, Andrea Berta, from which João Félix came out as the starter for the next match and occupying his preferred position, a second striker with freedom of movement. Until he was injured and missed the end of last year, João Félix’s ascendancy over the team’s game led Simeone to proclaim internally that this season “João and ten more” would play.

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New destination for Justin Kluivert




Justin Kluivert currently belongs to Mourinho’s Roma. These last two years he has played on loan for two different teams. The first destination was RB Leipzig where he got 3 goals in 19 games. This last season he has played at Nice, where he has played much more but has only scored 4 goals. According to the Italian journalist Marco Conterio of TuttoMercatoWeb, the footballer will go to Fulham on loan with the mandatory purchase option of 12 million.

Justin Kluivert is still a young player (23 years old), but he was expected to be a player who would make a difference in his team. But the reality is that since he arrived at Roma, despite having opportunities, he has never finished standing out or being decisive for his team.

That is why Mourinho does not have him. And seeing how little he has stood out in his transfers and additions, more if he continues in the Zaniolo team, Kluivert would have few opportunities. Hence, a newly promoted like Fulham has noticed him. We will see if in the end he manages to exploit and shows his potential in England.

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