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Japandi style: what it is and decoration ideas

If you are thinking of renovating the style of your home or giving a specific room a new look, you are interested in learning about the Japandi style, a new interior decoration proposal that, in recent months, has become a pure trend. Its success lies in its simplicity and in being a way of decorating spaces by fusing very different elements that harmonize perfectly.

If you love being up to date in interior design, in oneHOWTO we tell you what the Japandi style is and we give you some decoration ideas so that you can put them into practice in your home.

What is the Japandi style?

Japandi is the ingenious term chosen to refer to an innovative style that has had great success in the design world by uniting, in the same proposal, keys of style and even of Japanese culture, with others typical of Scandinavian style and decoration. , that is, Japan is Japan + Scandi. In reality, the result is not the sum of a series of unconnected elements, but a unique trend in itself, with details reminiscent of one style or another in a perfect combination.

Japandi style

The Japandi style is based on simplicity, not overloading the spaces with endless furniture and decorative details, which is why it is included in the new minimalist trends. Natural elements, for example, in materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, or linen, appear in furniture and textiles so that, with them, any room is cozy and also invites you to relax.

As for the colors, white (very Scandinavian) and soft, neutral tones: beige, sand, ivory, gray… predominate, but there is also some black, red, or a print in bright colors that remind us of the country Nippon.

Lighting is responsible for creating comfortable spaces, and care is taken to detail in the Japandi style, just as furniture is sought that meets a few minimum conditions: that it be practical, that is, that it has a function, that it is comfortable and, therefore, Therefore, contribute to our well-being and make it beautiful, so that it helps to beautify that important environment that is our home.

Low cabinets, with a simple line and in wood


In a room decorated in the Japandi style, wood is the predominant material and we can find it in general furniture and also in details such as wooden floors, shelves, and headboards… the favorite wood is light tones so that each piece is lighter overall. Also, following the Japanese line, the furniture tends to be low. Living room tables, beds, nightstands, sofas… they do without excessive height, seek sobriety in their lines, and are as close as possible to the ground (for example, opting for beds without legs and on tatami) to, approach the Earth, as inspired by Japanese culture.

nature at home

nature at home

Not only are natural materials key in this style, nature itself is present in the home in the form of decorative details. A large natural plant as the only ornament in the corner of a living room, a vase with beautiful branches, spikes, and some dried flowers, a mini zen garden as an original centerpiece, or mini pots with aromatic herbs as a practical decoration in the kitchen. These are some ideas to which Japandi decoration is committed.


The fact that this proposal is minimalist does not mean that it is austere. Achieving maximum convenience and comfort at home, to relax, is their objective and, for this reason, textiles play an important role.

Cozy rugs in natural fabrics such as sisal, jute, or bamboo for the different rooms; fluffy duvets in the bedrooms, linen curtains and blinds in light tones, to provide privacy but do not subtract from natural light, cushions in different sizes to even place on the floor if you feel like sitting at a low table… the textiles They are a key point in a Japandi house.

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This innovative decorative style is committed to less is more but, put into practice, its ideas do not result in a soulless or bland room. On the contrary! In this proposal, each piece of furniture and each detail has value because the different elements, or at least most of them, are made by hand. That love for crafts is especially noticeable in the ornaments or small essential details to personalize a room. A beautiful ceramic piece, a hand-painted painting on the wall, or a tapestry, a wicker lamp, a glass figurine…

color as contrast

Spaces without overloading, with soft tones as protagonists, are the key to Japandi decoration, but in this style, a touch of color also has room to make the most of it by resorting to beautiful contrasts.

For example, on a gray wall, you can find a nice painting with signs of Japanese calligraphy in black or red. Another idea may be to include some piece in the basic furniture, such as a wrought iron and glass side table so that the iron stands out from the predominant wood, or resort to an original and colorful screen to differentiate two spaces in the living room. These are just a few ideas to understand that the Japandi style seeks the serenity of minimalist decoration, but beware! It’s not boring at all.

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